Short Term Aims
  • To reach 100 members by May 2017
  • To issue membership certificates or cards and numbers
  • To redesign the website and move it to
  • To contact family tree makers, ‘history of surname’ websites and tourist boards with a revised history, origin and meaning of our surname.
  • To carry out a survey or archaeological dig at Tarras Water Shielings
  • To place another Tartan order late 2016 or early 2017
  • To attend Hawick Reivers Festival as a Clan Society
  • To Register the Society logo
  • To Register the Society in Scotland
  • To organise a 10% discount at ScotsClans for Society Members if agreed by them
  • To Compile and publish the Routledge Historical Index
  • To Compile and publish The Sheilagh Routledge Parish Archive
  • To Create the Big Tree Project and map all members genealogy in to one tree and link people
  • To identify the Senior Branches of the Routledge Family
This is what the Society hopes to achieve in the next 1 to 5 years
  • To reach 200 members by May 2020
  • To hold a derbhfine
  • To appoint a Commander of the Clan
  • To appoint a Chief of the Clan
  • To raise funds for a coat of arms
  • To petition for a coat of arms
  • To form an overseas Routledge Clan Society in 2027
Long Term Aims
This is what the Society hopes to achieve in the next 5 to 15 years
  • To research the Routledge history
  • To search for the meaning and the origin of the name
  • To host annual Routledge gathering(s)
  • To produce a newsletter twice a year
  • To promote the surname as Scottish
  • To aid members with genealogical research
  • To aid members with historical research and understanding
Continuing Aims
This is what the Society hopes to always achieve every year